Underfloor Heating and Flow Screed in East Grinstead

In recent times, underfloor heating systems and flowing screed seems to be more commonly used together. This is due to the fact that flow screed floors retains heat and makes more effective the power of the underfloor heating. 

Why you need an underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating is a great way to take control of your indoor temperature, keeping you warm and toasty on those cold days. When it is cold out there, you can turn on your subfloor heating system and instantly get comfortable. Underfloor heating can come in form of electric systems or flowing liquids in pipes laid underground but basically, they serve the same purpose of providing heat. Replacing regular radiators with subfloor heating affords you extra space and lesser energy bills. Winter has got nothing on you! 

Flowing screed floors are often achieved using pumped cement or gypsum and are best for concealing underfloor heating pipes. Flow screed floors are durable and easy to be installed with only small amount of labor. Compared to other floor types such as hard wood, laminate floors or vinyl flooring; flow screed floors are more affordable and can be used for residential and commercial purposes. 

Why you should use flow screed alongside underfloor heating

There are some floor types that are not suitable to lay over underground heating because they do not support heat. When starting a flooring project, it is best you consult specialists in the floor laying industry to advise you on the best flooring for your space and use. At Daniels Flooring, a leading Floor laying Company in West Sussex, we have amongst our team a CSCS supervisor vast in HSE and safety compliant floor installers who would walk you through the right path to getting the best Flooring installation Services.

Some of the benefits for using flow screed floors over under floor heating pipes include:

- No radiators taking up wall space

- Heat is consistent, no cold corners

- Up to 30% more efficient on your boiler

- Labour costs cut, compared to traditional screeds

- Level floor!!!

- Cosy toes

Leading flow screed floor installer and underfloor heating system installation in Horsham, Crawley, East Grinstead and surrounding areas

Daniels Flooring is a chief supplier of flooring materials and a professional installer and remover of floors across West Sussex and regions of Surrey. We are effective in laying both underfloor heating and flowing screed floors. When you contact us for your flowing screed floors installation or underground heating system laying, we offer you the most competitive pricing quote in the business and deliver a quality service to you with speed. You never have to worry about moving installers from faraway to handle flow screed installation in Crawley or lay underground heating pipes in your Horsham residence. We have a mobile flooring showroom where you can make a suitable choice of flooring and we would be in your home in no time! 

Give us that call today before winter comes and you develop "cold feet". Our Underfloor heating service will knock off the cold from your home.