Carpet fitter in Crawley and Horsham

Here at Daniels Flooring, we bring the services of a land-based carpet fitter to your door by supplying and installing carpets for clients in Crawley, Horsham and the surrounding areas on a full mobile basis. With over 18 years of experience in floor laying, our small and personable company provides home and business owners with reliable, first-class services.


With a wide range of carpets available from a mobile carpet showroom carrying samples and swatches of our desirable product lines, we at Daniels Flooring can help you to choose the perfect carpet for complimenting any home or commercial property in the area.


A carpet fitter from our company brings carpet samples direct to your home or workplace, where you can compare materials and colours to see what works best in your Crawley, Horsham or West Sussex property. At Daniels Flooring, we provide free, no-obligation consultations and talk you through the different carpet types available.


We can give you advice on the style of carpet to best suit your room space, take some floor measurements and provide the final estimate.


Fully Mobile Carpet Showroom


Here at Daniels Flooring, we believe that the freedom of a mobile carpet showroom is an important service benefit. While we are with you, you’ll be able to browse through our carpet samples and ask our carpet fitter any questions you might have without having to wait for service like you would in a busy land-based outlet.


We supply carpets from top-branded manufacturers to ensure our products are always durable, of a high quality and made to last. Whether you require a soft woven-style carpet for a bedroom, or a practical short-pile material for a study, carpets from Daniels Flooring provide ample options for Crawley, Horsham, West Sussex and even Surrey customers.


Carpet Types


Here at Daniels Flooring, we supply materials ranging from 100% stain-resistant materials, which are perfect for busy family homes, to luxurious wool blends which are ideal for optimum comfort. We also supply superb eco-friendly options, made from recycled fibres or natural fibres such as sisal. Daniels Flooring is an ethical, forward-thinking company.


There are various carpet styles to choose from, which come in varying lengths and weaves. As a leading floor laying company, we allow you to book a visit and consultation with a carpet fitter at any property in Crawley, Horsham or West Sussex. Our mobile carpet showroom always carries samples and swatches of the latest available designs.


Here are some of the main carpet styles we at Daniel Flooring can supply:


Deep Pile and Short Pile Lengths


Deep-pile carpets offer thicker, longer loops, which provide extra warmth and feel soft and cosy underfoot. They are a great option for bedrooms and living rooms in any Crawley, Horsham or West Sussex home. These luxury lines are perfect for low-traffic areas and for occasional rooms where carpet is subjected to less wear, tear and abuse.


Short-pile carpet lengths use shorter loops and are great for floors which encounter high volumes of foot traffic. Because of the shorter style of this carpet, footprints are hidden better and it is easier to clean. These carpets are ideal for landings, hallways and stairs.


Loop Pile


Loop carpet is created with uncut loops of yarn. Here at Daniels Flooring, we supply wonderful loop-pile carpets which can be installed by an experienced carpet fitter. Loop-pile styles are softly textured and extremely comfortable underfoot, but can be at risk to loop breakages and pulling from claws if you own a dog or a cat.


The three main types of loop-pile carpet are Berber, Multi-Level and Level. All of these products are available from our mobile carpet showroom.


Cut Pile


Cut pile is an extremely popular style of carpet in Crawley, Horsham and, indeed, the rest of the UK. It is made from a textured cut pile where loops of yarn are cut down to create a dense, straight finish. Cut pile retains a comfortable, soft texture whilst offering practicality and durability to the user, all at a surprisingly competitive price.


We have Velvet, Cut & Loop, Twist, Saxony and other types of cut-pile carpets available. Our mobile carpet showroom has samples of these products on-board, which allows Crawley, Horsham and West Sussex customers to browse through our collection at their leisure.




Woven carpets are one of the most luxurious types of carpets. They are made using traditional loom methods, a delicate craft which takes longer than most other types of carpet manufacturing. These carpets usually consist of 100% wool fibres, or a mix of 80% wool and 20% manmade fibres, allowing for a beautifully soft and smart finish.


Axminster, Flat Weave and Wilton are the main woven-type carpets on the market.

Carpet Installations

Here at Daniels Flooring, we carry out carpet installations for domestic and commercial clients in Crawley, Horsham and all surrounding areas. An experienced carpet fitter from our company will provide you with a fast and efficient installation service, moving and replacing furniture before and after laying carpets if required to make things easier for you.


We supply and fit stair rods and carpet runners so that you get the best from our carpets.


At Daniels Flooring, our company is happy to remove old carpet or flooring from your property before starting the installation of your chosen product, and any materials removed will be ethically recycled at local waste transfer stations for your reassurance and peace of mind. We always take our personal responsibility to the environment seriously.

Call our mobile carpet showroom on 07713 914 124. An experienced carpet fitter will answer your questions on carpet installations and floor laying in Crawley and Horsham.