Professional floor laying in crawley | Your questions answered

Here at Daniels Flooring, we provide first-class floor laying services and supply high-quality carpets to domestic and commercial clients in Crawley and all surrounding locations in the West Sussex area. Every carpet fitter in our family-run team is qualified and experienced in installing carpet, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and any other flooring types.


Have questions about the floor laying services we offer in the Crawley area? On this page, we at Daniels Flooring have answered some of the most common questions asked to us by Crawley customers. If your question hasn’t been answered below, please call us on 07713 914 124. A member of our floor laying team we will be happy to help with your enquiry.


Do you have showroom facilities?


Daniels Flooring operate from a mobile carpet showroom but we still sell high-end carpets, including 100% stain-resistant luxurious wool blends and carpet tiles. Crawley customers can browse through the wide range of carpet samples we have from the comfort of their own homes and discuss different carpet styles, or receive installation tips from an experienced carpet fitter working directly for us here at Daniels Flooring.


Speak to a member of staff to organise a booking for our floor laying estimates in Crawley.


What should I do to prepare before new flooring is installed in my Crawley property?


Before new vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, carpets or any other type of flooring can be installed at your Crawley property, it is important to clear the room of obstacles. Furniture and other movable objects should be moved out of the way and old, unwanted flooring should be taken out if possible and disposed of, although we can do this for you.


Subfloor preparation may need to be carried out, where the hard floor is cleaned, blasted and smoothed to create an even surface for new flooring. Our floor laying team is happy to move furniture and undertake subfloor preparation if required.


Do you dispose of old flooring?


Yes. We at Daniels Flooring provide uplift and flooring disposal services to domestic clients in Crawley. Our professional floor laying personnel can remove old carpet, old vinyl flooring and old laminate flooring, taking care to remove any old nails, staples and underlay which needs to be taken out as well to keep pets and children safe.


To reduce waste, we recycle as much old flooring as possible. We can also roll up old carpets and package old tiles, ready to be stored if you would like to keep them.


How do I look after my new carpet?


Here at Daniels Flooring, we supply high quality carpets from leading manufacturers so there is little maintenance required to keep material looking fresh and well-maintained. However, you can add extra life to your carpet with regular care and cleaning. Carpets should be vacuumed at least twice a week to prevent build-up of particles in the fibres.


A professional carpet fitter will usually recommend a professional carpet clean every twelve to eighteen month to remove sturdy stains and dirt. Arrange a visit from our mobile carpet showroom for demonstrations in Crawley and tips on carpet maintenance.


Which is better; vinyl flooring or laminate flooring?


Laminate flooring is amazing at replicating natural surfaces such as solid wood and stone, giving Crawley clients elegant flooring which is practical and affordable. Laminate has a protective surface so it can be easily cleaned after spills, but is not totally waterproof like vinyl flooring. We ask you to consider this when making a purchasing choice.


Vinyl flooring installed by a floor laying expert is totally waterproof and hygienic. Because of its durability and waterproof qualities, vinyl is a better flooring option for bathrooms, wet rooms and commercial sites like kitchens and hospitals. Luxury vinyl tiles can also be used to create many stylish designs which tie in with your creative aspirations.


Because personal tastes and requirements are different, it is important for Crawley clients to look at different vinyl flooring and laminate flooring samples to see which flooring option they would prefer. Ask our mobile carpet showroom to visit your Crawley property and speak to a flooring expert and carpet fitter today.


We provide advice and samples for you to look at without having to visit land-based outlets.

If you have further questions, would like to arrange a home visit to your Crawley property or wish book a floor laying service, call us today on 07713 914 124.